5 Douchey Bars To Avoid If Youre Looking To Meet Someone Betches

At some point in our lives, we’ve all gone to a bar in Manhattan, hoping to meet Mr. Right, only to end up in bed with Mr. Douchebag. I mean, what are your 20s for? (Other than blacking out every time you say you’re going out for only one drink, that is…) Well, now I’m in my 30s, and I’m sooo over those one night stands. I’m just not into sloppy, drunken dirty dancing nights with strange men who ghost after they get it in.

I am ready for a real, committed relationship! Aren’t you? But the question is, where is he, ladies?! Where do you find a guy who has a job, isn’t hung up on his ex, and is going to text you back in a reasonable timeframe? (The bar is really the floor, fellas.) Some of you might have watched my dating life fall apart on national TV on a show called Princesses, Long Island that aired on Bravo in 2013, while others just listen to my horrific dating stories on my podcast, Chanel in the City. I’ve got a PhD in Douchebag (unfortunately), so trust me when I say I know what I’m talking about when it comes to where the assholes party.

I can’t tell you where to find him, but I can tell you where not to look. If you’re going to meet your man, the man of your dreams, the man you deserve, you’re not meeting him at some sleazy bar. If you’re tired of meeting the douchebags, the frat guys for life, the ghosts, then you’re definitely going to need to avoid the following bars.

1. Tonic East

Neighborhood: Murray Hill
Address: 411 3rd Avenue
Type of guy: Frat Douche

***Beware*** This is frat boy central! This is a typical Murray Hill bar where all you run into are playboy frat bros who will never grow up. It’s like Peter Pan, but instead of being able to fly, this guy can shotgun a beer. Riveting, Chad.

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These douchebags want to drink their gin and tonic and eat it too try to score with you by whipping out some cheesy moves on the equally cheesy dance floor. No thanks. A relationship is far from this guy’s mind, and you’ll be far from finding someone who will respect you and not spend every weekend coked out of his mind until 6am. Hard pass.

2. The Gaslight

Neighborhood: West Village/Meatpacking District
Address: 400 West 14th St.
Type of guy/bar: The Gaslighter

It’s all in the name with this one. The type of guy you’ll meet at The Gaslight is the type of guy who will flirt with all your friends in front of your face, and when you call him on it, he’ll act like you’re being crazy and “need to work on your jealousy issues”. Cool cool cool cool cool. Stay away from the emotional manipulation, and stay away from this bar as a dating pool. For a drunken girls’ night? Sure, it’s a good time. But no further than that.

3. Wicked Willy’s

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Neighborhood: Greenwich Village
Address: 149 Bleecker St
Type of guy/bar: The Miller Light Douche

Forget meeting the man of your dreams at this wicked place—I feel like I’m in a frat boy’s wet dream every time I step in to this bar. There is literally a stripper pole, so I feel confident that I could end my description of why this place is a f*ckboy wasteland right here. But for your sake, I’ll elaborate.

In the main room, you can get a Miller Lite for a dollar and watch people younger than you dance around a pole in the middle of a dance floor. This will occur at any hour of the day or night—even during brunch service.

On the bright side, even if you don’t find a decent guy at this bar, you might find your next career move. I mean, Cardi B started out stripping, and look where she is now.

4. Whiskey Blue

Neighborhood: Midtown East
Address: 541 Lexington Ave.
Type of guy/bar: The Whiskey Dude

When overpriced cocktails are a draw instead of a deterrent, it’s not a good sign. Such is the case at Whiskey Blue, where the after-work, Cavalli-suited crowd sips $20 martinis by the bar like they were born to do nothing else. 

While there are plenty of women who are turned on by this kind of thing, probably because they have Stepford Wife dreams of one day doing the same, it’s just not for me. Like, I’ll pass on getting married to a finance bro who’s going to cheat on me with his own assistant, thanks. Meeting a decent human at this bar is definitely out of the question, but if you want to take yourself out for a good cup of whiskey, then that’s all I would do here.

5. McFaddens

Neighborhood: Midtown East
Address: 800 2nd Ave.
Type of guy/bar: The Bro’s Bro

Bros of every kind can be found here: bros “courting” girls that have taken full advantage of the “ladies drink free” Jägerbomb special (pro tip: the hangover will come at a price, even if the drink doesn’t), bros chest bumping with little to no irony, bros unabashedly singing Bon Jovi lyrics to one another, and especially bros coining new permutations of the word “bro” just for fun. Eye roll.

You’ll be able to take the McFaddens Bro home for the night, so if that’s what you’re looking for, shoot your shot. But as far as anything serious goes, you’d be livin’ on a prayer. Sorry, had to.

The moral of this story is if you want to stay single forever or be asked at family events why you’re still single, you can blame it on these bars. Orrr just stop going there with expectations of meeting a quality partner. Let me know in the comments if you want a follow-up of where to actually go instead!

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