Artist Reimagines Disney Princesses In A More Realistic Way (17 Pics)

Andhika Muksin is fascinated with Disney. He has been photoshopping Pocahontas, Ariel, and other princesses into celebrity photos for quite some time, but now he decided to switch things up. Instead of “inserting” the famous princesses into reality, he brought reality into their lives. Bear with me. Muksin has stripped away the glam surrounding our beloved gals and replaced it with pizzas, unInstagrammable selfies, and other fundamental everyday life nuances.


Free Fall Of The Wind

“Like millions of others, [I] grew up watching Disney films and obsessing over the characters,” Muksin told BuzzFeed. “But as I became an adult, my perspective of these childhood icons also shifted. I started to see them from a much more complex point of view […] Then ideas started popping in my head — like Aurora is such a graceful and reserved character, but I bet she’d lose it a bit at Coachella.”


Part Of Your Wo–

After seeing their favorite characters in a new light, people are already asking Muksin to give them back their childhood memories. Judging from his regular uploads, however, it doesn’t seem that the Indonesian Photoshop artist is going to stop shattering them anytime soon.




Verified Face Time Princess


Agrabah Night In


Holding Your Breath From Ursula’s Lair Got You Like


Part Of Your Front Camera


Swap White


When You Leave The Ocean For Pizza


A Whole New Woooooooo


Your Tagged Pictures Be Like


Eating Apple


“I’m Not A Regular Mom, I’m A Cool Mom…”


A Whole New Ouch!




Painful Beauty


“What Do You Mean She’s Prettier Than Me…?”

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