Donald Trump Asks To Re-Do Interview Question Because Someone In The Room Coughs! – Perez Hilton

Don’t you DARE distract Donald Trump when he’s trying to misdirect the public!

The president sat down with ABC NewsGeorge Stephanopoulos for a wide-ranging interview special that aired Sunday night, where he gave his usual responses about the economy (it “is fantastic, George”),

Perhaps that’s why the most interesting part of the interview was when Trump asked for a do-over because someone the room coughed while he was speaking.

The now-viral moment came when the president was discussing his ever-mysterious finances. About halfway through the special, Trump admitted Congress would likely eventually get access to part of his finances, which in part have been kept a big secret from the public throughout his presidency.

Insisting he had nothing to hide, the Commander in Chief said he hoped officials gained access to his financial statements “at some point” — because it’s a “fantastic financial statement” — noting:

“They’re after my financial statement. Now, they should be after everyone else’s financial statement but they are after, the Senate, they’d like to get my financial statement. At some point, I hope they get it.”

Trump clearly wanted to sell this point to the masses. Because as he finished speaking, a loud cough was heard in the background — prompting POTUS to order the cougher to leave the room as he answered the question again.

He said:

“Let’s do that over. He’s coughing in the middle of my answer… I don’t like that, you know, I don’t like that.”

The video didn’t show who the cougher was, but the ABC anchor suggested it was Mick Mulvaney, the president’s acting chief of staff.

The image-conscious reality TV icon continued:

“If you’re going to cough, please leave the room. You just can’t cough. Boy oh boy.”

The crew then reset for Trump to discuss the topic again. This time, Trump was free to say what he desired without being rudely interrupted by his staff’s bodily reactions to his 100% honest answers. *Cough* We mean complete b.s. *Cough*.

See the silly moment for yourself (below):

Elsewhere in the interview, Stephanopoulos highlighted Trump’s apparent taste for “churn” and conflict, to which the president replied:

“My life has always been a fight. And I enjoy that I guess.”

Well, at least he’s honest about one thing…

Watch the rest of the president’s interview with ABC News (below).

[Image via ABC News]

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