DQs New Fall Blizzards Include Berry Pie & Heath Caramel Brownie Flavors

Courtesy of Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen’s Fall 2019 Blizzard Menu Has Heath Brownie & Berry Pie Flavors For The Season

ICYMI, Dairy Queen has been slaying the Blizzard game over the past few months. In addition to the return of its seasonal Pumpkin Pie Blizzard on Monday, Aug. 26 and the much-hyped re-release of its beloved Snickers Blizzard Treat, the fast food retailer is now upping the ante with a few brand new autumnal offerings. Ready your tastebuds, because Dairy Queen’s fall 2019 Blizzard menu features Heath Caramel Brownie and Harvest Berry Pie concoctions, which gives you more choices than ever to usher in the start of sweater weather.

According to press materials shared with Elite Daily on Monday, Aug. 26, Dairy Queen revealed that it was unveiling a special Fall Blizzard Treat menu for the second year in a row. Maria Hokanson, the Executive Vice President of Marketing at American Dairy Queen (ADQ), said per a press release, “The second annual Fall Blizzard Treat Menu reflects the flavors and joy of the season, offering something for every palate,” and from the sound of the five choices, I’d say she was spot on.

Alongside the once-retired Snickers-infused Blizzard, which brought back a “rich chocolaty topping” and the satisfying mix of “roasted peanuts, chewy nougat, caramel, and milk chocolate” back in July, the chain is keeping the candy vibes going strong with its new Heath Caramel Brownie Blizzard. Per press materials, you’ll be getting, a “decadent trio of crunchy Heath pieces, brownie pieces and rich caramel topping” mixed in with the retailer’s signature vanilla soft serve, and it’s the perfect way to bid adieu to the end of summer before the temperatures drop.

Courtesy of Dairy Queen

As a fan of all things berry-flavored, the new Harvest Berry Pie Blizzard definitely caught my eye. IMHO, it sounds more like a summer dessert staple than a fall offering, combining “creamy vanilla soft serve blended with raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, pie crust pieces, and graham.” Still, that’s not a bad thing, because who doesn’t want to treat themselves to a taste of summer when the temperatures drop?

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Courtesy of Dairy Queen

In addition to these two new offerings and the Snickers Blizzard Treat, Dairy Queen is leaning into blanket weather with the return of its Snickerdoodle Cookie Dough Blizzard. Personally, Snickerdoodle cookies always make me think of the holidays, and the mash-up of “soft Snickerdoodle cookie dough pieces sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar and blended with signature DQ vanilla soft serve” sounds like the perfect way to prep your sweet tooth for all the Christmas goodies that are just around the corner. These four treats are available now through the end of 2019, so there’s no reason to worry about Blizzard withdrawals for the next couple of months.

Courtesy of Dairy Queen

There is one exception, however, and it might just my favorite out of the bunch. The Pumpkin Pie Blizzard Treat, which the fast food chain brings out every year to sweeten the fact that summer is coming to a close, will only be available from Aug. 26 through September, so unfortunately, you’ll have to kiss the “deliciously sweet combination of real pumpkin pie pieces and DQ vanilla soft serve, crowned with whipped topping and a touch of nutmeg” goodbye once October comes around.

Still, the rest of these goodies are a pretty tasty consolation prize, so I wouldn’t waste any time trying out the new flavors and giving them a regular spot in your Blizzard rotation.

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