Everyone loves Alexei from ‘Stranger Things’ season 3

The third season of NetflixsStranger Thingsarrived on July 4. Nearly a week later, fans are still making memes of their favorite momentsand charactersfrom the show.

The dominant meme reared its head early on. Early in the season, new addition Robin (Maya Hawke) created the perfect meme template with her mocking whiteboard. The online hordes made quick work of the low-hanging fruit in the first days after season 3s release.

The template has taken on a Confession Bear style, with many people using it to point out theories or aspects of the show that stood out to them.Billy is a lifeguard bc water reminds him of surfing which reminds him of his mom, one meme reads. Its [sic] comforting.

The Subconscious from StrangerThings

A scene not enough people are talking about in my opinion from StrangerThings

Thoughts on the future of the show from StrangerThings

Now this is what I call a dream job from StrangerThings

Within no time, the Robin whiteboard memes were overtaken by love for one of the seasons most unfortunate characters, Alexei. A Russian scientist forced to work on the gate-opening device beneath the Starcourt Mall, Alexei became a fan favorite moments after he appeared onscreen. His charming personality and sweet smile guaranteed his status as an instant icon. His best momentsfrom the cherry Slurpee to his chemistry with Murraywere quickly immortalized through memes.

Idk whos art this is but

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