Kevin Federline Could Be Key In Getting Britney Spears’ Dad Ousted From Conservatorship! – Perez Hilton

Britney Spears has been under a conservatorship in the care of her father, Jamie Spears, for about 11 years now — but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, coming from perhaps one of the most unlikely places!

Sources connected with the singer now believe one man could be key in making a move to get Jamie ousted from Britney’s control: Kevin Federline. That’s right! Brit’s baby daddy could have some legal leverage here

According to sources inside the Spears camp, they believe Kevin might have the leverage to go to the judge overseeing the conservatorship and ask to have Jamie removed. Part of Jamie’s role is to oversee the welfare of his daughter’s two children — since he’s directly in charge of their mother — and if he’s now prohibited from having any contact with the kids while being investigated for the alleged abuse of one of them, well… you see the angle here!

It’s an interesting one, for sure. As we’ve been reporting, Jamie is under investigation after allegedly breaking a door down and putting his hands on Sean. As part of the aftermath of that, he’s already been served a temporary restraining order preventing any contact between him and Sean, or Britney’s other son, Jayden. The alleged activities of the last few days have reportedly put Jamie’s conservatorship control at risk, in the first place — so this might be an opening for Kevin to strike on behalf of Brit and the kids.

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