Olivia Jade Is STILL ‘Resentful’ Toward Lori Loughlin Over Her Crumbling YouTube Career – Perez Hilton

Can Lori Loughlin ever repair the bond she once had with her daughters?

Apparently not quite yet! An insider purportedly close to the former Fuller House star shared with Us Weekly “things aren’t fully healed between them [Isabella Rose/Olivia Jade Giannulli],” given all they’ve been through.

The YouTube star is reportedly still “resentful” toward her mom, and worried she won’t be able to rebuild her brand once everything is done in court. It also didn’t help the former Hallmark star’s pending case when OJ posted her media defiant

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Both embattled sisters have kept pretty low profiles on social media since news first broke of the scandal, but have been leaning on friends for support. An insider previously divulged to People:

“Olivia and Bella continue to spend a lot of time with friends. They visit people’s houses, or have friends over. They prefer this to going out.”

The source continued, explaining despite all the backlash, Olivia has plans for a comeback once everything blows over:

“Some of their friends are heading back to school, but some aren’t. Olivia still plans to focus on a comeback when the time is right. She just needs to lay low until the trial is over.”

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We don’t expect she’ll go back into posting #sponsored beauty vids right away, people will definitely want some kind of a statement from her that’s not her flippin’ the bird!!

[Image via Olivia Jade/Instagram.]

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