Seth Meyers Goes Off on Laura Ingraham for Smearing Vindman

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On Monday, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, a National Security Council official who sounded the alarm on the Trump administrations concerted efforts to push Ukrainian officials to investigate political rival Joe Biden and his son Hunter, testified before congressional lawmakers.

And naturally, the Trump bootlickers over at Fox News took it upon themselves to paint Vindman as having dual loyalty to America and Ukraine given his Ukrainian backgroundeven though Vindman is an Iraq War hero, Purple Heart recipient, active military, and American citizen whos lived in the States since he was 3 years old.

Here we have a U.S. national security official who is advising Ukraine while working inside the White House apparently against the presidents interests and usually they spoke in English. Isnt that kind of an interesting angle on this story? exclaimed Fox News Laura Ingraham, oozing xenophobia.

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Seth Meyers was not having it. Hey, Laura Ingraham, youre attacking a decorated veteran to protect Donald Trump? Who do you think you are, Donald Trump? he said, referring perhaps to the late John McCain or any number of veterans Trump, who himself dodged the Vietnam draft due to magically disappearing bone spurs, has smeared in the past.

And by the way, yes, Col. Vindman emigrated from Ukraine when he was 3. Nobody even remembers where they were when they were 3, with the possible exception of you. Im sure when you were 3, you were already at Saks Fifth Avenue making a salesperson cry, Meyers added of Ingraham, who has a rich history of racism and homophobia.

Plus, the Late Night host couldnt believe that Ingraham chose to attack a military veteran, given Fox News brand of bumper-sticker patriotism.

And hey, do you really think its smart to attack veterans on Fox News? asked Meyers. Veterans make up a pretty good chunk of your audience. I think it goes: veterans, people visiting their elderly relatives, and rageaholic golfers age 73 and up.

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