Heres What Would Happen If Disney Movies Were Realistic (30 Pics By Sanezparza)

We all love | Facebook | YouTube | Everything About You #1 Lady And The Tramp #2 Sleeping Beauty The artist, Sanesparza, has quite a following online: over 292,000 people follow his account on Instagram, while another 40,000 follow him on Facebook. Be sure to check out Bored Panda’s previous post about the artist’s incredibly witty ‘How To’ series. #5 Aladdin #6 The Jungle Book Santiago also added that he usually draws the comics in chronological order, however, “for this second season of ‘If Disney movies were realistic’ I’m taking more liberties.” Sanesparza has been drawing for a long time. Ever since he was a child, in fact: “Disney and Pixar were definitely the main reasons why I started …

Artist Reimagines Disney Princesses In A More Realistic Way (17 Pics)

#2 Part Of Your Wo– After seeing their favorite characters in a new light, people are already asking Muksin to give them back their childhood memories. Judging from his regular uploads, however, it doesn’t seem that the Indonesian Photoshop artist is going to stop shattering them anytime soon. Original Article : HERE ; The Ultimate Survival Food: The Lost Ways