The treats you’re feeding your dog be making you or your family sick, CDC says

(CNN)Could the treats you’re feeding your dog be making you or your family sick? The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says yes. Forty-five people across California, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, New York, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Wisconsin have been infected. Twelve have been hospitalized.

Schools of thought: can mindfulness lessons boost child mental health?

Children are under increasing pressure. Investing in their mental wellbeing could could help them now and in the future Children are taking 10 minutes out from the hurly burly school day to reflect on their thoughts and their feelings. Some ground themselves by thinking about their feet on the floor, while others concentrate on their breathing. This is mindfulness, the lessons quickly growing in popularity as an antidote to the stress of being a young person in the 21st century, be it pressure to perform in exams, social media, or the obsession with body image that is reported to even affect primary age children. Children are learning about their brains and how to deal with unruly thoughts to control emotions …