Bill The Handyman Tinder Profile Is Epic And Someone Posted The Hilarious Message Exchange They Had

In an attempt to troll for their own amusement, a contributor to the called GoofyDads, Danny Spears created a fake account as 69-year-old “Bill the Handyman.” Spears used Face App over his photos to transform himself into an elderly man, all in the name of comedy. “We just wanted to provide some Dad antics for people to laugh at. Since I am completely inexperienced with Tinder, I figured it would be fun to troll some of the people on there,” he told Bored Panda. More Info: Website | Facebook Someone created a fake tinder profile as a 69-year-old man named Bill to troll people Image credits: GoofyDads Image credits: GoofyDads As it turns out Bill caught even more fish than …

Tinder adds sexual orientation and gender identity to its profiles

Tinder is adding to its profiles information about sexual orientation and gender identity. The company worked with the LGBTQ advocacy organization GLAAD on changes to its dating app to make it more inclusive. Users who want to edit or add more information about their sexual orientation can now simply edit their profile. When a Tinder user taps on the “orientation” selection they can choose up to three terms that describe their sexual orientation. Those descriptions can either be private or public, but will likely be used to inform matches on the app. Tinder also updated the onboarding experience for new users so they can include their sexual orientation as soon as they sign up for the dating app.