This Woman Gives Tips on How to Treat a Loved One During A Depression Episode

With around 300 million people suffering from depression worldwide, chances are that someone close to you is affected by this condition too. Sadly, the stigma surrounding mental illness is still very common, so it prevents people not only from seeking help but also to avoid talking about their ailment to family members and friends. Despite depression being one of the most common mental illnesses, those who have never experienced it don’t have the means and knowledge of how to support and help their loved ones. This only furthers the social isolation that depressed people might be already experiencing. So, now you are probably wondering what can you do to help someone with depression?

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Twitter user, Aleeya, took to social media to explain what they could do to help their loved ones during a depressive episode.

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These tips help us not only to increase understanding and empathize better with people who suffer from depression but also help save relationships.

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Image credits: aleeyaderige

After reading Aleeya’s tips, some people were prompted to add their own, others thanked her for sharing them and wished more people would understand the things she mentioned.

After reading the thread people added their own tips

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Here’s what others had to say

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